Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction

What are some reasons you may seek Spiritual Direction?


  • You may be seeking a deeper relationship with God

  • You may be doubting, questioning, wondering

  • You may be looking for resources for study

  • You may want to delve into existential questions


  • No one is an island, and everyone from time to time needs a companion or a guide to share the road of life. Spiritual Direction is also known as soul friendship or spiritual companioning.

  • A Spiritual Director is a person who has experience in the spiritual journey and is willing to be in service to a person’s desire to open to and discern the presence of the Divine (God/Spirit/Source) in their life.

  • This is a relationship designed to support you as you pay attention to your inner life, discern the divine’s presence and action, and encourage you as you listen to the movements of your soul.

  • The Director doesn’t actually do much “directing”, but rather, helps you direct and focus your attention on the sacred.

  • The Director is a companion, an encourager, and a gentle listening guide, working with you and bearing witness to what is being experienced in this season of your life.

  • People often seek out a Spiritual Director when they want to deepen their relationship with the divine, want to discern divine presence and action in a given situation, or when the sacred seems confusing, distant, or absent.

  • Whether you have been a person of faith for a long time, are in a season of doubt and disorientation, or coming into a brand-new awareness of a higher power in your life, regardless of tradition or creed, spiritual direction can be valuable support on a person’s spiritual path.

What is and what isn’t Spiritual Direction?


    • Spiritual direction is not therapy, mental health care, or treatment for substance abuse. The Director is not functioning as a licensed mental health professional and spiritual direction is not intended as a replacement for therapy, psychiatric interventions, treatment for mental illness, recovery from past abuse, professional medical advice, financial assistance, legal counsel, or other professional services.

    • Spiritual Direction is for people who are basically well-adjusted, emotionally healthy, functioning effectively, and want to pay attention to their spiritual life in a consistent and regular way.

    • Spiritual Direction can and may involve periods of extended silence, prayer, listening, values clarification, identifying plans of action, accountability, examining lifestyle, and questioning currently held beliefs.

    • Spiritual Direction is most effective when both parties are honest and straightforward in their communication.

    • Spiritual Direction is a confidential relationship. The Director agrees to keep all information strictly confidential, except in situations where such confidentiality would violate the law or jeopardize the safety of the client or others. Also, professional ethics regarding confidentiality require Spiritual Directors to report imminent self-endangerment (suicide) or harm to others. The Director is a mandated reporter and according to New Hampshire law required to report suspected cases of child or elder abuse.

    • There will be no predetermined length of commitment. While the relationship between you and the Director may last many months and years, there is no binding obligation to continue sessions if either person doesn’t believe it is a correct fit. We both agree to have one final meeting together to honor and bring the formal relationship to a close.

    • Each meeting will last approximately 50-60 minutes. As typical in spiritual direction, each meeting will be scheduled approximately 3-4 weeks apart or at a mutually agreed upon frequency. All efforts will be made to accommodate each others’ schedules. Each person agrees to inform the other of the need to cancel an appointment. Except in unusual circumstances, this cancellation will be given no less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. We may meet via video conference or here at my office in Exeter, New Hampshire.

    • The session fee is payable at the conclusion of each session by e-transfer, check, or cash.

What to expect in a typical session.


  • We engage in silence, centering & grounding, active listening, and a prayerful posture throughout the session, facilitated by the Director.

  • The Directee will be prepared to share what they want to bring to the session – it may be a thought, a question, a concern, a prayer, or a pain, as it relates to the Directee’s life and in particular, the spiritual life.

  • The Director will be attentive, listen deeply, mirror & echo back to the Directee, ask questions, and provide support in service to the person’s soul journey.

  • A session may include engaging in contemplative practice to support the Directee in his/her journey.

  • The Director may provide a resource that can be used in between sessions.

My office is in Exeter, New Hampshire and I work within all the Seacoast area towns including Portsmouth, Rochester, Rye, Durham, and Hampton. Teleconference (video meetings) are also an option. Please see my About page for more information, or feel free to contact me with any questions. 

"The spiritual life is not achieved by denying one part of life for the sake of another. The spiritual life is achieved only by listening to all of life and learning to respond to each of its dimensions wholly and with integrity."

– Sister Joan Chittister

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