About Me

About Me

Hello, I am Reverend Steve Reddy.
I am a Spiritual Care Provider based in Exeter, New Hampshire.

     The need to belong is among the most fundamental human needs. We seek a sense of belonging in various aspects of our lives, be it at work, in religious institutions, social gatherings, or engaging in meaningful discussions with family, friends, and peers. We form connections through human interaction and conversation – either via intimate one-on-one discussions or within small group settings. Community can be found in spaces of all sizes, whether it’s through shared learning experiences in a classroom or finding solace within the walls of a vibrant, praise-filled church.

     Spiritual connection is a hunger, a longing in our society. I sense this yearning to belong has grown stronger, particularly in the wake of the post-pandemic era. Unfortunately, our bonds with others can often feel strained, and navigating conversations without causing offense can become a challenge.

     Spiritual Care provides a sanctuary for learning, growth, and the exploration of life’s complexities, where we can find acceptance – without awkwardness or judgement. It provides a sanctuary to delve into self-discovery and fosters a sense of safety.

     Thus, my goal is to answer the question: how do we rebuild (or reignite) our authentic selves? The idea of spirituality is universal, and encompasses diverse perspectives, yet centers around the notion of embracing the concept of a connection to something greater than ourselves, or seeking a quest for meaning in life. It is a universal human experience, touching every individual. People may describe spiritual encounters as sacred, transcendent, or simply as a profound sense of vitality and interconnectedness. Spirituality, however, is unique to each person. I believe that we are all inherently spiritual beings on a human journey. We need to ask ourselves what experiences have led us astray from our innate spiritual essence. My goal is to assist individuals in finding this spiritual essence, revealing their true, authentic selves.

     I am based in Exeter, New Hampshire, and my services extend to various towns in the Seacoast area, including Portsmouth, Hampton, Rye, Durham, and Dover. And via the magic of telehealth, I can work with any client, anywhere. I specialize in providing grief education, end-of-life care, spiritual direction, and facilitating conversations on spiritual care. I invite you to initiate a discussion and explore how I can support you in reconnecting with your spiritual self.

Certified Grief Educator David Kessler

My Qualifications and Experience:

  • Ordained Interfaith Minister, Chaplaincy Institute of Maine
  • Merrimack College M.A. Spiritual Direction, Certified Spiritual Director
  • Spiritual Counselor, Exeter Health Services (present)
  • Association of Clinical Pastoral Education, 2 units, Maine Medical Center
  • Per diem Hospital Chaplain, Maine Medical Center, Portland (present)
  • Certified Grief Educator through David Kessler at www.grief.com
  • Certified Pastoral Care Specialist ACPE, Yale/New Haven Hospital 2023
  • Moral Injury Group Facilitator for Shay Moral Injury Center 2020-2022
  • Maine State Legislative liaison for Volunteers of America (VOA) 2020-2021
  • Experienced bereavement group facilitator 2015-2022
  • Hospice Volunteer 2010-2022
  • Certificate, University of Vermont Death Doula, Larner School of Medicine
  • Member ADEC, Association for Death Education and Counseling (thanatology certificate pending)
  • Member Spiritual Directors International
  • Member Interfaith Ministers of New England
  • Member  Spiritual Care Association (SCA)
  • Member Death Doula Collective
  • Member National End-of-Life Doula Alliance
  • Member American Counseling Association (ACA)
  • Member Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE)

My office is in Exeter, New Hampshire and I work within all the Seacoast area towns including Portsmouth, Rochester, Rye, Durham, and Hampton. Teleconference (video meetings) are also an option. Please see my About page for more information, or feel free to contact me with any questions. 

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Rev. Steve Reddy
24 Front Street
Office #306
Exeter, N.H. 03833