Spiritual Care Conversations

Spiritual Care Conversations

What are some reasons you may seek spiritual conversations?


      • You may be trying to change perspectives on life challenges or wounds

      • You may need an unbiased listener

      • You may be trying to understand patterns of behavior of yourself or others

How are conversations in spiritual care sessions different from the talking we might do with family or friends?


        • Spiritual conversations are a series of non-ordinary conversations. By non-ordinary, I mean that the talks in our sessions are about things you normally try to keep hidden from most human beings—-even from yourself.

        • Spiritual care is a place to let go of an, “it’s all good” way of presenting yourself.

        • Spiritual care is an opportunity to speak about what may feel unspeakable with a non-judging, compassionate human being who can help you hold in a new way what has kept you confused, hurt, ashamed, or stuck.

        • Spiritual care is a human relationship to help you heal how you have been wounded in relationships, including the misunderstandings you have developed about your true worth.

        • Spiritual care conversations differ from ordinary talk because it is protected by complete confidentiality ( except for a few legal exceptions) and by the understanding that the relationship will not extend to any other form, such as friendship, romance, or business partnership. By avoiding multiple roles it stays focused on its sole purpose: soul healing.

        • Spiritual care conversations are one-sided: that is, the focus of the conversation is always the client’s healing. When the provider shares personal experiences, it will be to further the patient’s healing process.

        • As a spiritual care provider, I am trained to point out things you may not be seeing, feeling, or putting together about your life story. This frees you to live a new story instead of continuing to re-enact the old way of doing things, a way that hasn’t allowed your soul to live to its fullest potential.

        • The non-judging, compassionate care that my spiritual care can offer you is the clarity to see that you don’t deserve the abuse you have lived through or the self-judgment you often heap upon yourself. Spiritual care can help you remember and live more from your sacred self, which remains unscathed under layers of struggles.

        • Spiritual care sessions invite you to be accountable to another human being for working on your life between sessions, much as you would need to practice guitar between lessons with a teacher. This accountability gives new strength and a growing understanding of dealing with the way you have previously handled life struggles.

        • Spiritual care is time spent on the sacred ground of your soul with another person who is able to deeply listen, and be present to both you and the divine. I have been trained to hold space for your story, your emotions, and your experience (or lack thereof) with the divine. In working with me you may simply find a much-needed listening ear for all things related to your spiritual life. You may explore pieces of your story that have left you feeling “stuck” for a long time. Your entire self is welcome in our sessions, your soul, your relationships, and deep emotions may come into the process just as much as the things we might usually think of as “spiritual.”

My office is in Exeter, New Hampshire and I work within all the Seacoast area towns including Portsmouth, Rochester, Rye, Durham, and Hampton. Teleconference (video meetings) are also an option. Please see my About page for more information, or feel free to contact me with any questions. 

"The spiritual life does not remove us from the world but leads us deeper into it."

– Fr. Henri Nouwen

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